ACSO provides MHCSS Intake Assessment services to Regional Victoria excluding Barwon. MHCS Service Providers have the ability to access relevant shared client information via Penelope Portal, which reduces the need for clients to retell their story multiple times at different entry points. A solution that can capture data from diverse sources and securely provide it to multiple end users.

Penelope Live Site:

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In order to be granted Access to the Penelope Portal the below form needs to be completed.

The Individual & Shared Agreement Form is to be signed by each individual requesting access. Once completed and returned to you will be e-mailed your username and password.

If you cannot download the documents, please right click the document and select 'save link as'.

Training Timetable

If your team needs Penelope training, we provide Go To Training. This is a simple and effective way to enable large numbers to join in, directly from their own computer.

Please contact us via the form below to organise a time.


Training Manuals

This training manual has been developed specifically for MHCSS Portal users. From the contents page you can click on the topic of interest and it will link to that section. The manual includes large screenshots of Penelope for you to follow. You may wish to save this on your desktop for easy access.

Penelope Manual 1.3.png External Portal Quick Guide.png
Penelope Portal User Manual v1.3 External Portal Quick Guide


Process Map for MHCSS interaction with ACSO via the Penelope Portal.


Training Videos

These are coming soon.


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