A Second Chance follows Peter’s efforts to beat his alcoholism, Nicole’s battle with her heroin use and Joanne’s search for redemption from offences against her children. All three have committed an offence and their lives have been impacted by their circumstance.
Up and coming Director Clara Simpson examines ACSO’s work and delves into the human struggles of its clients. The documentary explores the theme that punishment is a necessary part of the justice system and looks through a lens of interventions that can break the cycle of crime. The film will educate and inspire consumers, stakeholders and the community to see that when given a chance, anything is possible; after all everyone deserves a second chance.

“Providing offenders with a second chance to reintegrate into society can actively reduce crime and make a safer community for all.”

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Our commitment to our vision and mission has seen us become a “provider of choice” across Victoria in the delivery of forensic services and programs for people who are transitioning from prison back into the community, along with people with complex and multiple issues who are either in or are at risk of entering the criminal justice system.

We currently offer innovative services responding to mental illness, disability, homelessness, substance use and offending behaviour throughout metropolitan and regional Victoria, and consult and provide secondary consult and support for Government and Not for Profit Organisations in other Jurisdictions in Australia.