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Francis House is an award winning state-wide service offering up to 12 months of intensive support for persons who have an intellectual disability on release from prison. Francis House aims to provide residents with opportunities to develop and utilise skills to help reduce the likelihood of re-offending.

Aspin House provides an 18 month stay for the same population. The aim of the service is to assist residents to overcome the stress associated with their contact with the criminal justice system and provide them with the supports and structures for adaptive skill development. Through a tailored support plan residents are assisted and encouraged to implement formal and informal programs which are aimed at helping them address issues relating to their offending and/or behaviours of concern.

Calabro House provides up to 24 months of intensive and therapeutic support for persons who have an intellectual disability and who have come into contact with the criminal justice system or who are considered to be at very high risk. The program works with offenders to understand their behaviours and to make changes to these.

ACSO works in partnership with Community Corrections to assist offenders both male and female post-release from prison with one goal, to significantly reduce their risk of re-offending and/or breaching court orders.  

Our experienced Case Workers provide specialised interventions such as:

  • pre-release assessment and planning
  • case co-ordination
  • outreach support
  • family re-unification and referral, brokerage for housing
  • alcohol & drug treatment and problem gambling counselling
  • as well as other support needs as required

The aim of this service is to connect participants to appropriate services and social support whilst building autonomy and self-directedness with community connection.  Our commitment is to implement ‘through-care’ for offenders and coordinate a wrap-around service in order to enhance community safety by promoting integration and reducing recidivism.

Securing stable housing is a critical pathway to successfully reintegrating prisoners back into the community. We have adopted a new approach to creating access to housing through collaboration with private, community and philanthropic landlords and the real estate industry.  

The Community Offenders Advice and Treatment Service (COATS) was established in 1997 and is a state-wide program that administers both State and Commonwealth funded drug treatment pathways for Victorian offenders. 

COATS provides specialist drug and alcohol assessments, treatment planning and purchase of drug treatment for clients in prison as part of their parole, ensuring that on release from prison they are connected into a wide range of drug treatment services and supports across Victoria.  On average ACSO supports over 2,000 people a year through referrals into drug treatment options including:

  • Withdrawal programs
  • Residential drug treatment programs
  • Specialist pharmacotherapy programs
  • Counselling and outreach services


The NOVO program provides a specialist support for women on remand at DPFC who have both drug and alcohol and mental health issues. The program aims to identify and address the unmet needs of this group of women and provides immediate short-term interventions and referral to appropriate ongoing support services.  We work closely with a suite of services including Courts, community legal services, mental health providers, drug treatment services, family support programs, financial counselling, dispute settlement and victims of crime services to ensure a wrap around response.