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ACSO Launches Access and Inclusion Plan, Transforming Lives Through Disability Inclusion in the Criminal Justice Sector 

June 21, 2023
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Through the introduction of our comprehensive Access and Inclusion Plan (2023-2026), we take a significant step towards becoming an employer and service provider of choice for people living with a disability. Guided by our vision of empowering communities to thrive, ACSO aims to foster an environment that celebrates access, inclusion, and diversity, both within the organisation and in the services we provide. 

ACSO’s CEO, Vaughan Winther, expressed the organisation’s commitment, stating, “The ACSO Access and Inclusion Plan provides the roadmap for our journey to become a leader in disability inclusion employment and support services. For 38 years, ACSO has been dedicated to providing services for people with access requirements, and now we are investing in dedicated resources to embed Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity across the organisation. This plan reflects our future intent and commitment.” 

As ACSO has played a pivotal role in reducing incarceration rates and advocating for community wellbeing, our focus on access and inclusion aligns seamlessly with our overarching purpose. Recognising the importance of a society that champions inclusivity, we continue to collaborate with other agencies and sectors to promote the social model of disability, which serves as the gold standard of inclusion. 

The Access and Inclusion Plan represents a significant milestone for ACSO, with careful consideration given to our ambition of becoming leaders in disability inclusion employment and support services. The plan outlines several key goals, including: 

    • Culturally Responsive and Appropriate Services: ACSO strives to provide services that are tailored to the diverse backgrounds and needs of our clients. 

    • Attracting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce: ACSO aims to create an inclusive environment that attracts and retains employees from diverse backgrounds. 

    • Empowering Lived Experience Expertise: ACSO recognises the value of lived experience and commits to nurturing and investing in the expertise of individuals with lived experience of disability. 

    • Inclusive and Equitable Careers: ACSO seeks to provide meaningful and rewarding careers in an inclusive and equitable working environment. 

    • Advocacy for the Social Model of Disability: ACSO will actively advocate for and promote the effectiveness of the social model of disability, emphasising the importance of removing barriers and promoting inclusivity. 


ACSO acknowledges the evolving nature of access and inclusion requirements and commits to strengthening and enhancing flexible work arrangements. By delivering services closer to where our employees and clients reside, we aim to improve the quality of life for individuals with disability. 

“While uncertainties persist, ACSO views this time as an opportunity for growth,” stated Claire Noone, ACSO’s Equity and Inclusion Lead. “Our Access and Inclusion Plan will create an environment where individuals with disability can unleash their skills and enjoy fulfilling careers at ACSO.” 

ACSO’s Access and Inclusion Plan reinforces our dedication to fostering an inclusive culture within the organisation and underscores our commitment to creating a society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.