Clinical Services

Providing a range of supports for individuals with a disability who are at risk of, or have had, contact with the Criminal Justice System.

Clinical Services

Positive behaviour support and therapeutic intervention

ACSO Clinical Services provides a range of therapeutic services to support individuals impacted by the justice system. We specialise in assessing and treating individuals with a range of complex needs, including those who have a cognitive impairment and are at risk of sexual or violent offending. 


Our Team

The Clinical Services team  is consists of Behaviour Support Practitioners, Occupational Therapists and Psychologists. We are a small, multi-disciplinary team with members from a variety of backgrounds and training. 


Our Client-Base

The team specialise in providing services to individuals interfacing with the Justice, NDIS and mental health sectors.

We work with individuals who have had, or are at risk of coming into contact with the criminal justice system and who have diverse and complex needs. These needs include but are not limited to cognitive impairment (intellectual disability, acquired brain injury), other developmental disorders (autism spectrum disorder, ADHD etc), offending behaviour (sexualised and/or aggressive behaviours of concern) and mental health diagnoses, personality disorder, substance use.  


Our Work

Clinical Services strive to work within best-practice guidelines and risk management and  positive behaviour support principles are at the forefront of our work. We strive to make a positive impact on the lives of our clients and the communities they live in. Given our client base, we have a strong focus on risk management and the safety of the client, employees and the broader community. Many of our clients are subject to or have been previously subject to a range of civil or criminal orders. This includes clients who are subject to the compulsory treatment framework (i.e. civil order under the Disability Act 2006 (Vic)), Parole Order, Post Sentence Order, Non-Custodial Supervision Order or Correctional Order. We are strong advocates for the reduction of restrictive practices and enhancement of independent functioning and work collaboratively with various stakeholders, care teams and families to achieve this. 


Providing a meaningful client experience and delivering a  best practice service means ongoing professional development is of key importance and is strongly supported by the organisation. The Clinical Services team have access to:

  • flexible work arrangements;

  • individual clinical supervision;

  • group supervision with an Associate Professor from Swinburne University’s Centre for Forensic Behavioural Sciences;

  • internally delivered training modules including but not limited to positive behaviour support, risk management principles, compulsory treatment, trauma informed care, functional behaviour assessment, ASSIST, training;

  • ongoing external professional development, in line with your professional development goals;

  • leadership and coaching for emerging leaders and leadership training;

  • clinical case review forums; 

  • reflective practice; and 

  • access to a whole suite of inclusive employment supports offered via our Employment Assistance Provider (EAP). 


At ACSO we invest in you, your development, wellbeing and workplace satisfaction because you are integral in impacting meaningful client experience. 


We provide:

Behaviour Support 

Working closely alongside ACSO’s Forensic Residential Services with common clients, we conduct various assessments to identify the function of a client’s behaviour, develop comprehensive behaviour support plans/treatment plans to target and reduce behaviours of concern, manage risk, improve quality of life and reduce the use of restrictive practices. 

We provide 1:1 client intervention, as well as training and consultation to Residential Support Workers and other professionals working with clients to support capacity-building and consistency in practice. 


Occupational Therapy

We conduct various assessments to determine a client’s  adaptive behaviour and functional needs, sensory needs and deliver targeted skills development intervention, both on a 1:1 and group basis, to clients internal and external to ACSO. 

We work with NDIS participants to provide assessment and support for these clients to secure adequate funding, supports and services within their plans.


Problematic Sexualised Behaviour Service (PSBS)

PSBS provides individual Psychological therapy to individuals with a mild or moderate intellectual disability  (internal or external to ACSO) who display problematic sexual behaviours. The focus of the service is on early intervention (prevention) work with clients who are at risk of committing sexual offences and coming into contact with the criminal justice system; however we do work with clients who are also convicted of sexual offences. 

In this program, we provide direct client treatment as well as completion of forensic risk assessments, and other specialist assessments. We can also offer consultation and training to other service providers, as deemed necessary. 


Across Organisation Support

As needed, Clinical Services works with other programs across ACSO to provide assessment, consultation, training and reflective practice. Our team engages in collaborative practice and seeks to work with clients in an informed and evidence-based manner. 



More About Us

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