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We understand the importance of hearing diverse perspectives and the power of lived experience in shaping meaningful change. That’s why we invite you to engage with our Lived Experience Advisory Panel. By connecting with members of our panel, you will gain access to invaluable conversations, firsthand knowledge, and a deeper understanding of the challenges and triumphs faced by individuals who have walked similar paths.

Our Lived Experience Advisory Panel is available for policy and program co-design as well as guest speaking opportunities. Whether you seek their insights individually or as a group, these engagements offer a unique chance to collaborate and have meaningful change.

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Jen is focused on Women’s Health and Lived Experience Academia

Since her release in March 2014, Jen has completed a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice (with distinction); an Honours Degree (with First Class Honours) and is currently in the final year of a PhD exploring women’s experiences of health care pre, during and post incarceration and whether these experiences reflect through-care principles and human rights framework.


Kiki is focused on Returning Citizens

Kiki learned a lot from her reintegration into society. She aims to share her lived experience to shine a light on the challenges returning citizens face and unpreparedness of release.


Pattie is focused on Education and Employment

During a period of incarceration Pattie commended a Bachelor of Criminology. This has inspired her to use her lived experience to engage more people into education and employment.


Paul is focused on Housing and Women’s Homelessness

After exiting prison, Paul has been driven by personal experiences to devote his time to various projects aimed at improving and providing additional post-release transition accommodation for women at risk of homelessness.


Clayton is focused on System Reform

Clayton first encountered the justice system at age 13 and has spent a combined total of 15 years in custody. During his incarceration, he was inspired to study sociology and post his release in 2020; he has become a changemaker and advocate for others.


Kay is focused on Personal Circumstances of Incarceration

Kay entered the justice system as a survival technique to leave a violent relationship. She is passionate about discussing the nuances of what leads people into the criminal justice system.


Karina is focused on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Experiences of the Justice System

Karina is a Wiradjuri Ngunuwal woman and she has witnessed first hand the impacts of intergenerational incarceration and the structural inequities of the criminal justice system. These experiences have motivated her to study a double degree in psychological science and social science majoring in criminology


Cheryl is focused on Post Release Services

62 years of age Cheryl was sentenced to five years’ incarceration with a non-parole period of 3 years. Cheryl took this time to promote positivity within herself and develop her self-worth and future path. From that introspective work Cheryl has found motivation to support change in the criminal justice system and to help develop and promote post release services.

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Meetings occur on the last Thursday of every month from 1000-1230 via Microsoft Teams.