Beckie, Care and Recovery CoordinatorBeckie,

"Driving me is my strong desire to support individuals to work towards making a meaningful difference in their lives."

Since an early age I’ve always been deeply empathetic and enjoyed exploring the perspectives of others. My passion stems from my interest in psychology and a desire to advocate for individuals who need support, who are often overlooked by society due to stigma.

Driving me is my strong desire to support individuals to work towards making a meaningful difference in their lives, even if it’s simply fostering trust and providing clients with a genuine service experience.

As a Care and Recovery Coordinator (CRC), our role involves linking clients with services to support their Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) treatment and recovery, addressing their needs that impact their treatment and goals. We meet clients where they are in their journey, fostering realistic and achievable goals, providing harm reduction information, facilitating referrals, and collaborating with their care teams.

Our tagline “understand the story, support the change” means developing a better understanding of our clients lives and what they may have been through and factors that influence how they present to us today with a nonjudgmental lens. We are person-centered and support our clients to change aspects in their lives that may lead to better future outcomes and recovery. The change may be ensuring our clients basic needs are addressed as a foundation.

Joining ACSO 7 months ago marked my transition into the care and recovery coordination role. Previously, I worked as a disability and mental health support worker and completed a Bachelor of Psychology, skills I’ve been able to apply to my current role.

My experience in the Forensic Treatment Services (FTS) team has been beyond phenomenal. I’m so lucky to work with such incredible and kind people. In the FTS team we are all supportive and inspire one another constantly. Being able to bounce ideas off each other and have open discussion to share different perspectives and collaborate makes the role enjoyable and exciting. Our team motivates one another and provides wonderful and constructive feedback. We are always learning and growing within our role allowing us to best support clients and be person-centered in our approach.

Outside of work I love going to see live music whether it be a gig or a festival. I enjoy snorkelling and camping, and I am extremely creative and adore arts and crafts. To unwind, I find comfort in colouring in and immersing myself in classic films or documentaries.