Irma, Assessment & Recovery Worker

"In my role at ACSO, no two days are ever the same — and I love it."

I started my journey in 2021, when I started placement for my Masters in Counselling from Swinburne University. At that time, I had a chance to work with ACSO’s residential services.

Towards the end of the placement, I applied to work with ACSO’s mental health team – the Partners in Wellbeing program, where I have been working since March 2022. I never thought that I would be able to do what I do today, particularly around risk management, but ACSO really is a supportive, nurturing place to develop your skills.

I love the work culture at ACSO, and how engaged and supportive the people are here. We all have our specialised skills and roles in my team, but if someone needs help, we all come together to provide support.

In my role, I provide support to individuals who are doing it a bit tough in country Victoria. We are primarily a telehealth service, and I provide mental health support and other assistance, like helping people to set up their NDIS or arranging face-to-face services and appointments for them.

We can also support people by linking them up with other teams and our more specialised programs at ACSO, such as Alcohol and Drug programs or Head 2 health. It’s always amazing to watch how the departments and programs at ACSO come together as a unit, and work together to help and support a fellow human being.

I love helping and connecting with people, and improving a person’s quality of life for them. The work I do here at ACSO makes me happy, and I’m so thrilled that I am able to make a positive difference.