Tam, Intake and Brokerage Coordinator

"I've felt a deep sense of social responsibility to contribute to, and advocate for, a more inclusive world."

Stepping into ACSO, I was pleasantly surprised by the diverse range of experiences that my colleagues brought to the table. This revelation shattered the notion that there’s only one predefined path to this line of work. It’s truly inspiring to witness the unique journeys that have led individuals to their roles within the organisation.

ACSO marked the beginning of my professional journey straight out of university, and it’s been an incredible 2 and a half years of growth, learning, and making a difference.

In my job, I wear multiple hats. Firstly, I serve as the intake worker for RAPIDS, where my role often intertwines with the client services unit and the COATS program. Collaboration is key, and working closely with different teams enriches my understanding of our holistic approach.

Secondly, I take pride in being the Richmond hub lead. Connecting with everyone in the hub, exchanging stories, and fostering a sense of unity is something that resonates deeply with me.

What fuels my dedication to this field? The answer lies in my lifelong commitment to community involvement. Ever since my early years as a scout, I’ve felt a deep sense of social responsibility to contribute to the betterment of others’ lives and to advocate for a more inclusive world. This passion for driving positive change, rooted in my personal experiences and beliefs, continues to motivate me every single day.

Back in my university days, I was actively engaged in advocacy and community-building work through my student union. Holding the position of Queer Officer, I relished every moment of organising events, fostering a sense of community, and championing the rights of queer students. A highlight during that time was the successful campaign for gender-neutral bathrooms across Deakin Campuses – a rewarding effort that spanned six months.

Away from the hustle and bustle of my professional life, I find solace in creative pursuits. Learning new instruments like the guitar, piano, and trumpet keeps my curiosity alive. I dabble in painting, knitting, sewing, and even woodworking – all of which serve as outlets for my creativity and sources of relaxation.

Wear it Purple Day holds immense significance for me due to the personal impact it has on my younger queer family members. Being a visible, proud advocate for the LGBTQ+ community has given them the strength to embrace their identities with confidence. It’s a reminder of the power of representation and the positive influence it can have on the lives of others.