Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP)
Advocates for the interests of ACSO consumers


The Lived Experience Advisory Panel (LEAP) is a group of current and previous consumers (clients) of ACSO services.

The group, formerly known as the Consumer Advisory Group (CAG) was established in 2012 by foundation employee Christine Cappello who worked with ACSO for over three decades. We would also like the acknowledge the efforts of our former client, Susie, who, whilst in the Project Officer role, made a considerable contribution to the development of the group.

From these established foundations, the LEAP continue to provide invaluable insight and guidance to our organisation.

LEAP meets monthly to contribute to various activities as such:​

  • Provide knowledge and guidance regarding what consumers want and need, by Co-Designing and Evaluating ACSO programs.

  • Represent and participate in ACSO social events, including events that showcase client creativity.

  • Evaluate and review program brochures & website content to ensure the content is information and meaningful for consumers.

  • Present at new employee inductions.

  • Participate on interview panels for new employees.

  • Consultation into ACSO’s strategic planning.

  • Review any matters or information referred to it by the ACSO Board, management, or programs/services.


“Being a rep of this group has given me the opportunity to contribute experience and knowledge from a client's perspective. I have been able to turn a negative experience into a positive one by contributing and giving back, which feels good.”


We always welcome new applications!

Do you want to help ACSO improve its services? Do you want to share your experiences as a service user to help ACSO understand what consumers want and need?


If you are a current, previous client or have been engaged with an ACSO stakeholder as a person touched by the justice system, we want to hear from you! All applications will be considered.

Members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, LGBT+, Culturally Diverse and Disability communities are encouraged to apply to provide their unique perspectives on designing our services.