Meet Penelope

Direct access to your clients files via the Portal

ACSO uses Penelope, an Athena Software Client Management System. In conjunction with Athena Software ACSO developed a Portal that allows stakeholders to access and share relevant client information to improve service delivery. Penelope is a simple and easy IT system that stores client information in a way that allows ACSO and our AOD, Corrections & MHCSS partners to record, document, measure, and report on a client and their progress.

* Penelope Upgrade – Important Information

In December 2022, ACSO will be undertaking an upgrade to Penelope.


One of the biggest parts of the upgrade is the migration of data from the current version (V3) to Version 4.  To ensure that all data can be migrated successfully there will be a period where Penelope cannot be accessed to allow the software developers to complete this task. 


ACSO has tried to mitigate the impact on operations, our clients and our stakeholders by contracting the developers to run this process over the period 22 December 2022 to 8 January 2023.  The go-live date for the new version of Penelope will be Monday 9 January 2023.   This time was chosen as there will only be 9 business days where Penelope will not be accessible. 


During this time you will not be able access Penelope or the Portal.  ACSO will continue to receive referrals across our programs but there will be short delays in providing waitlists, treatment brokerage and processing TCAs.   Our teams will be working as quickly as possible from Monday 9 January to process any outstanding documentation and we ask for your patience during this time.  


How it Works

Easily accessible via any internet browser, Penelope allows partners to have immediate access to assessment reports, appointments, and attendance status as well as being able to communicate client progress and record service outcomes.

The Benefits

Penelope currently administers around 25,000 consumer referrals into drug treatment across the State, enabling over a thousand users external to ACSO to communicate and share information about consumers receiving treatment. And already, the investment has paid off. By streamlining processes and significantly reducing the need for phone, fax and email communication, Penelope has helped ACSO save time, which is now re directed back into client care.

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