Housing Services

A range of support models and housing options to support complex and high risk persons

Youth Residential Rehabilitation Service

Victoria- Providing specialist residential support for youth with mental health diagnosis

The Youth Residential Rehabilitation Service (YRR) Service is a service operating out of the Loddon Mallee region, in Bendigo and is funded by the Department of Health to support ten young people with a mental health diagnosis for placements of up to 12 months. The house is physically separated into four units with staff and young people able to freely interact. The service operates on a 24/7 staffing model, 7 days per week ensuring a continuity of care to the young persons.

Using a wraparound services model coordinated by ACSO, the YRR Service incorporates residential, skills development and clinical programs for a holistic and individualised model of support. Individual outcomes that improve daily living, self-care and social and relationship skills, as well as addressing quality-of-life needs regarding physical and mental health, social connectedness, housing, education and employment are the focus of resident care plans. These One Plans are formulated to support recovery and introduce a supported decision-making model that gives the young person a voice in their assessment, treatment, support needs and recovery.

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McCormack Housing 

Victoria- Providing safe and reliable homes to rebuild lives for ex-offenders and break the cycle of crime.

Provide safe, affordable, well-maintained supported housing options to those being released from (and those at risk of entering) the criminal justice system. By providing our tenants with sustainable, supportive housing, through partnerships, we will assist in the delivery of ‘wrap-around’ services. 

Management and staff at Australian Community Support Organisation (ACSO) acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians; their spiritual, physical, mental and emotional connection to the Land.

We are committed to the ongoing process of working towards and developing stronger links within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities and will actively engage in redressing inequitable service delivery to Indigenous Australians.

We pay our respect to elders past and present and we acknowledge the traditional land owners of Australia and we welcome all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to our service.

ACSO acknowledges funding from the Victorian, New South Wales & Queensland State Governments and Federal Government.

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