Your Rights and Responsibilities

At ACSO, we aim to provide quality, respect and person-centred services which encourage and support consumers to achieve their goals. As a consumer of ACSO’s services, you need to know what you can, or someone you care for, can expect from us and what we expect from you when you engage in our services.

As a consumer I have the right to:



  • Access services that meet my needs.


Respect and safety

  • Be respected as an individual and be treated with dignity.

  • Have my culture, identity, beliefs, and choices recognised and respected.

  • Receive services in a safe environment that is free from discrimination, aggression, and abuse.


  • Ask questions and be involved in open and honest communication.

  • Make decisions about the services I receive, to the extent that I am able to.

  • Include the people that I want in planning and decision making.


  • Receive information about services so that I know what to expect allowing me to give informed consent.

  • Be given help when I need it to understand the information about services.

  • Access my personal information that ACSO has collected and holds about me.


  • Have information about me and my personal information kept secure and confidential.

  • Have my personal information shared with others with my consent, or where the law says ACSO can. For example, when the law says ACSO has to, regardless of consent to keep someone, including myself safe.

Give Feedback

  • Share my experience or provide feedback or make a complaint without it affecting the way I am treated.

  • Have my concerns and complaints addressed in an appropriate, transparent, and timely manner.

​As a consumer I have the responsibility to ensure that I:

Respect and safety

  • Treat everyone at ACSO and other consumers of ACSO with respect and dignity.

  • Act in a respectful manner that will keep others safe. ACSO expects you to act in a way that is free from discrimination, aggression, violence and abuse.

  • Support ACSO in providing an environment that is pleasant and welcoming.  


  • Provide, to the best of my ability, information about me, my experiences and background to assist with my services.


  • Participate in the services I receive. This means asking questions, discussing options, and making choices about services, to the extent that I am able to.



  • Respect the privacy of others.