About ACSO

From the organic beginnings of our founder, Stan McCormack the Australian Community Support Organisation (ACSO) has delivered programs to help break the cycle of people repeatedly entering the justice system because they lack the support to make change.

There is enormous over representation of people serving life in prison in installments when other solutions such as housing, health or employment could be used as levers to change the course of their life and truly allow people to shift patterns of harmful or destructive behaviour.

ACSO work with people at risk of entering or who have already entered the justice system. Our work supports, diverts or reintegrates people through a range of services including mental health, alcohol and other drug treatment, intensive residential support, housing and employment. These services span the entire justice continuum from prevention to rehabilitation.

With more than 35 years’ experience, ACSO has an unrivalled understanding of dealing with the whole person, from childhood to present day. This rigorous understanding provides a better chance of finding individual solutions to create a circuit breaker and increase self-determination.

We are collaborators. We understand the linkages of issues and policies and work to connect across government and industry to evolve services, improve equitable access to services and strengthen the evidence base to prevent people from becoming entrenched in the justice system. This will lead to better outcomes for communities across Australia, our clients and government partners.

We continue to advocate that warehousing people in prisons is unnecessary and comes at great personal, social and economic cost. Australia needs a long-term solution to provide a genuine chance for people to exit the justice system and keep communities safe.

ACSO will continue to advocate, deliver services, influence and innovate to be at the forefront of the changes Australia must see in the justice system.

ACSO work with people at risk of entering or who have already entered the justice system.

Our Core Values


Our heart and passion is at the core of everything we do.

Belief in Humanity

We believe that everyone deserves another chance and is entitled to change their lives and realise their potential.

Integrity In All We Do

We are genuine in our relationships with clients, each other and are always courageous in our approach.

Innovative Spirit

We are willing to explore and develop new and innovative solutions and take on the challenges that confront us.