Employee Recognition Awards

Each year, ACSO, employees are invited to nominate team members for two special recognition awards. These awards acknowledge employees who go above and beyond to demonstrate excellence in relation to ACSO’s values. Winners of each award receive a plaque and funds to support their learning and development, including international study, if applicable. 

Each award is presented by ACSO’s CEO at the Annual Town Hall Meeting.

APPLAUSE Leadership Excellence Scholarship

This award recognises any people leader (excluding the Executive team) that display exceptional leadership day in day out, lead their team in line with ACSO’s values, and show commitment to the diversity and inclusion strategy.

APPLAUSE Cappello Values Scholarship

This award recognises any employee who displays and leads the ACSO values day in and day out. It is named after Christine Cappello, one of the founding members of ACSO who retired in November 2018. 

2022 Winners

APPLAUSE Leadership Excellence Scholarship Winner

Rochelle Vaughan - Team Leader, COATS Dandenong

Rochelle’s nominators described her leadership style as supportive, professional and empathetic. Rochelle demonstrates her leadership excellence when she is always available no matter what to support the COATS team and work colleagues. Rochelle’s professional capability to navigate difficult situations and advocate for clients has impressed those around her.

Highly Commended

Megan Wilks - Workplace Health and Safety Partner and Acting Manager Quality, Risk and Safety at the time of her nomination.

Megan’s nominator described her leadership style as professional and proactive. She puts others first and provides support without question, not only to her team but to others in ACSO too. Over the past 12 months Megan’s team experienced some challenges, which Megan approached with professionalism and integrity, and always striving for the best outcome.

APPLAUSE Cappello Values Scholarship Winner

Tanu Motuga - Forensic Residential Support Worker (Francis House)

Tanu’s nominators described him as supportive and patient, someone who is always willing to help. He sees the best in people and advocates on behalf of both residents and colleagues. Late last year, Tanu had an incredibly challenging incident while working at one of ACSO’s residential houses. Despite this, Tanu continues to show up and support the resident because he separates the person from the disability.

Highly Commended

Rebecca Kennedy - Project Manager ICT

Rebecca’s nominators described her as innovative with a sense of integrity and passion, taking extra time to collaborate with others. Rebecca has been instrumental in leading a large-scale project across ACSO, which included the implementation of SharePoint and a new Intranet. Rebecca also impressed those around her with the way she treats people with respect and professionalism.

Award Alumni

APPLAUSE Leadership Excellence Scholarship

Winner: Lianne Finch – Team Leader, Clinical Services

Highly Commended: Rochelle Vaughan – Team Leader, COATS Dandenong


Winner: Rob Biviano – Program Manager, COATS Metro

Highly Commended: Donna Morsman – Team Leader, ReStart, Dandenong


Winner: Harry Constantinou – Team Leader, Mental Health Intake

Highly Commended: Bree Champion – CREST Queensland

APPLAUSE Cappello Scholarship

Winner: Tim Stevenson – Learning and Development Lead

Highly Commended: Nargis Dost – Forensic AoD Assessor, RAPIDS


Winner: Tammy Rowe – Payroll Supervisor

Highly Commended: Danielle Stone – Business Process Analyst, CMS


Winner: Channel Wright – Forensic Case Worker, CREST Queensland

Highly Commended: Jamie Riquelme, Mental Health Intake Worker