Social Impact Investing

Partnering with government and private enterprise to take an innovative approach to addressing persistent challenges in the justice system.

ACSO's Investment in New South Wales

ACSO is proud and excited to be partnering with the NSW Government to deliver Australia’s first Social Impact Investment to reduce the return to custody rates for prisoners in NSW. This exciting new program is the first of its type in Australia. It is an innovative partnership between a commercial investor NAB, not-for-profit provider ACSO and arbias and the NSW Government to take a new approach to addressing persistent challenges in the justice system.
The investment will support a new program, OnTRACC (Transition Reintegration and Community Connection), which will work with up to 3,900 parolees over five years to prevent reoffending and re-incarceration. OnTRACC will provide these 3,900 parolees with intensive individual support to assist their successful reintegration into the community, particularly in their first 16 weeks of parole and will support the NSW Government’s commitment to reduce reoffending by five per cent by 2019. The program is designed to help people get their life back on track, reduce re-offending and help prevent people going back to prison.
ACSO is excited to be able to provide this program that will keep people from ending up back in prison. ACSO will have sites in Rockdale and Bass Hill which will be the base for the OnTRACC program, which is expected to provide services to 1200 people on release from prison over the next two years. Government payments and returns to investors in this innovative social investment will be dependent on the outcomes achieved by OnTRACC. This will be the first social impact investment in NSW, following the Newpin Social Benefit Bond (SBB) and The Benevolent Society SBB implemented in 2013.

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The Australian Community Support Organisation (ACSO) proudly acknowledges Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and their rich culture and pays respect to their Elders past, present.
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as Australia’s 
first peoples and as the Traditional Owners and custodians of the land and water on which we rely.

We embrace the spirit of reconciliation, working towards equality of outcomes and ensuring an equal voice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, including those who have come in contact with the justice system.

The Australian Community Support Organisation recognises the right to a safe and inclusive service without bias. ACSO is committed to the equitable treatment of its participants, employees and partners. We believe in humanity and celebrating the diverse voices of our community through leadership, practice and policy design, to honour and embrace diverse traditions, cultures and experiences of those we support and work alongside.

ACSO acknowledges funding from the Victorian, New South Wales & Queensland State Governments and Federal Government.

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