We are about ending the cycle of crime.

Providing people with a second chance to reintegrate into society, actively reduce crime and make a safer community for all.

Our Vision

For a community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, and prison truly is the last resort.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to strengthen the wellbeing of communities by advocating for and delivering services which divert people away from the justice system.

Our Ethos





Our heart and passion is at the core of everything we do.

Belief in Humanity

We believe that everyone deserves another chance and

is entitled to opportunities which can help them to change their lives and realise their potential.

Integrity in all we do

We are genuine in our relationships with clients and each other, always true to ourselves and courageous in our approach.

Innovative Spirit

We are willing to explore and develop new and innovative solutions and take on the challenges that confront us.

Our Core Values

Our Operational Goals


We promote, support and believe in the values of hope and recovery in all of our work.


We develop rehabilitation programs that divert people from committing crime or re-offending by helping them address and change problem behaviour.


We reintegrate people from prison back into the community, housing them and assisting them to successfully re-enter the workforce.

Our Strategic Plan

ACSO Strategic Plan 2020-2023.png